Modello is a Data Model toolkit in use by the Apache Maven 2 & 3 Project.

What does Modello?

It all starts with the Data Model (see the full model reference).

Once a Data Model is defined, the toolkit can be used to generate any of the following artifacts at build time.

  • Java Pojos of the Data Model.
  • "Java Pojos to XML" Writer. (provided via xpp3, StAX, jdom or dom4j)
  • "XML to Java Pojos" Reader. (provided via xpp3, StAX or dom4j)
  • XDOC documentation of the DataModel.
  • XML Schema to validate that XML content match the DataModel.

See the full technical documentation for more information.

Why use Modello?

Modello isn't for everyone, it's a project with a limited scope and goal behind it.

It is not aiming to be a replacement for a full blown modelling definition such as XMI or the like, but instead aims to be a code generation toolkit for maintaining data models, their use, and documentation.



Modello was created to serve the needs of Apache Maven 2.

Modello fits in the same space as other Model Mapping toolkits such as:

Runtime dependencies


If you decide to use Modello in your own project, be aware that Modello is used only during the build time of your project, to help in the creation of various artifacts from your Data Model .

Modello is not used during the runtime of your project: only code generated by Modello is used, which is independent.

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